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Scenic River Cruises

Scenic River Cruises

Scenic River Cruises

Cruising is not just for the open waters of the ocean. There are also some amazingly beautiful river cruises that explore the rivers of various countries including France, Russia, Hungary and Germany to name but a few. Scenic river cruises are sometimes a bit longer than some ocean trips since they include quite a number of stops at various ports.

France, Russia and the Rhine

France is as scenic as it is romantic and one way of exploring several destinations is by opting for scenic river cruises. Instead of taking to the road and driving your own way from town to town, you can enjoy the cool, fresh air of the river and take in the views while somebody else navigates the waters.

Some of the best places to visit in France include Vienne, Lyon and Tarascon. In many cases, the main attractions along the way on these scenic river cruises are slightly inland. In such instances, there will be more than enough time for passengers to travel inland to get the very most out of each stop.

Cruising the Rhine and Moselle is another popular river cruise. The Moselle is a tributary to the Rhine and they meet at Koblenz. Scenic river cruises trips include several stops that allow passengers to really experience the beauty, culture and history of these parts.

Russia is not only teeming with history but their culture and architecture are equally fascinating. St. Petersburg is well-known for its many sights and there’s so much more to see and do in other stops such as Kizhi Island, Goritsy and Moscow, among others.

Touring Europe and Vietnam

There are also scenic river cruises that allow you to visit several countries in Europe for the opportunity to experience different landscapes, languages and cultures. Europe river cruises take passengers to countries such as Hungary, Germany and the perfectly beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

With several stops in each country along the way, passengers are sure to enjoy a well-rounded experience with plenty of sights, attractions and things to do. Try different cuisine, beer and wine in each port to gain the complete picture of the places you are visiting.

Scenic river cruises also offers itineraries in Vietnam which make it easy for travelers to visit several fascinating and beautiful locations. Some of the main stops and sights along these cruises include Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Peh and Siem Reap. These cruises offer passengers a unique insight into the local history and culture while exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes.

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