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MS Maasdam S - Class Cruise Ship Holland America Cruise Line

Holland America Cruise Line Ships

Operating for over 100 years, the Holland America Cruise Line ships service almost the entire world.  You can choose short cruise breaks from just two nights, up to one month or more.  The mid-sized ships ensure that you enjoy all of the space and luxury of a cruise line ship without it losing its intimacy, nor being overly expensive.

Holland America Cruise Line ships in Europe and Americas

Holland and America line cruises in Europe are roughly broken down into the Mediterranean, encompassing Italy, Spain, France, Greece and the Adriatic Sea; northern Europe taking in the UK, Norway and further north into the Arctic Circle where you can experience stunning scenic cruising, glacier spotting and the Midnight Sun; finally choose a city or mini-cruise, taking in some of the most exciting cities in the world, experiencing modernity and rich history together as you stroll from cosmopolitan centers along narrow streets to old city areas.  From here you can also explore the northern coast of Africa, visiting Egypt, Gambia and Marrakech.

From Amsterdam or Spain, choose a Holland America line transatlantic cruise lasting two to four weeks disembarking at a port along the eastern coast of North America, with popular destinations being New York and Boston.  Cruise the antiquities of the ancient world in a transatlantic voyage from Greece to Florida.  Once in the Americas, there are ample options to explore the North and South of the continent, including Canada and the USA, going north into Alaska and the Yukon with the famous scenic Inside Passage along the Pacific west coast.  Travel south to cruise the Panama Canal, the Amazon River, the Caribbean, and continue through South America, stopping at Easter Island and rounding the tip of Argentina, the gateway to Antarctica.   

Holland America Line in the Pacific and Asia

The west coast of North America is the gateway to the Pacific Ocean and the islands of the South Pacific, including Hawaii, Fiji and Tahiti, leading on to New Zealand and Australia.  A continent in itself, the country of Australia offers several cruise options, with highlights being the Great Barrier Reef off Brisbane city and the Kimberley’s in the northeast, accessible from Darwin or Broome.  Just a stones throw from here are the islands of Singapore and Indonesia, with their stunning clear blue oceans and long sandy beaches.

Holland America cruise line ships are adept at navigating the exotic far east, encompassing the countries of China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.  Excursions include such cities-on-the-rise as Shanghai and Tokyo.  Enjoy the islands of Thailand or explore the Great Wall of Chine in a Beijing excursion.  These ancient lands are rich in exciting culture and UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

If all of this sounds just too good to miss a single moment, book a Holland America cruise that visits all seven continents: the Grand World Voyage.  This one hundred and thirteen day voyage aboard one of Holland America cruise line ships gives you a truly unique route around the globe, presenting the highlights and hidden gems at every turn.  Book online all Holland America cruise line departures worldwide.

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