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Cruising with Cunard Cruise Lines

From original art works hanging on the grand stairway, to the biggest ballroom at sea, to white-glove service, Cunard Cruise Lines has come to symbolize the continuity of (British) tradition, tempered exuberance, mature elegance and Old World luxury. Their three “Queens” make passengers feel like royalty, and the presence of innumerable high society on voyages only make the experience more glamorous and highly anticipatory.

Cruising with Cunard Cruise Lines is Cruising with History

The earliest ships in the Cunard Cruise Lines carried cargo and passengers from Old World to New, and because of their built and speed, served the British Crown in dispatching Her Majesty’s mail, and the military in transporting troops during WWII.

This rich maritime history means that cruising with Cunard Cruise Lines requires adherence to dress codes and certain traditions that the line has been known for. While it has loosened its policy on formal wear which used to be every night, guests are still expected to put on their tuxedos and full-length gowns three nights out of every week on Transatlantic Crossings and twice on sailings to other destinations. Casual diners on formal nights are accommodated in the main buffet and other non-exclusive areas.

Cunard Cruise Lines retained the deeply British tradition of afternoon tea on Transatlantic Crossings. Aboard Queen Mary 2, the only transatlantic ocean liner remaining in service today, afternoon tea in the Queens Room – complete with musical accompaniment from string quartet and white-gloved waiters bearing tempting treats – is not just a meal but an experience unto itself.

Luxury and Pampering Onboard Cunard Cruises

In keeping with its regal bearing, Cunard Cruise ships feature amenities fit for royalty. The Queens Room hosts dazzling themed balls where cruisers are all aglitter in their ball gowns and tuxedos while dancing to the accompaniment of resident orchestra. The Royal Court Theatre, rising to a height of three decks, is the perfect place to watch extravagant staged musicals from private boxes. The Canyon Ranch Spa Club, the only at sea, provides cruisers with lavish pampering for optimal health.

State rooms and cabins are delectably furnished and incredibly spacious, more than three quarters of which have ocean views and balconies. Children’s facilities have structured programs and are supervised by authentic British nannies. For pets onboard, they have separated accommodations in well-appointed kennels of QM2.

Dining options aboard Cunard Cruises range from exclusive to elegant, from casual to pub. As expected, the menu incorporates many British favorites, while French, Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian can all be sampled in their designated venues.

For the more contemporary cruiser, there is a wealth of entertainment options if ballroom dancing is a touch old-fashioned. Karaoke singing, dancing to live band, gazing at the stars in the first planetarium at sea, browsing the classics in the extensive library, or simply lounging and listening to soothing piano music while sipping martini are all highly engaging nighttime activities. Courses in foreign language, wine appreciation and even acting are provided aboard Cunard Cruises by expert lecturers from Oxford University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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