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P&O Cruises UK is the oldest cruise line operator in the world, launching the first passenger ships in the early 19th century.  P&O cruise lines fleet is seven strong, covering the whole world and promising to discover a different world.

P&O Cruises in Europe

Forget city breaks with low-cost airlines with all those baggage and airport headaches; a mini-cruise or city cruise from as short as two nights or a long weekend is the way to go!  Choose a relaxing break or a Party Cruise, or get carried away and spend seven nights exploring the cities of the western edge of Europe.

Depending on where you wish to go on your P&O cruise, there are multiple departure ports to choose from.  Spain, Portugal, France, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom host some of the most exciting modern cities in Europe.  To name just a few:  Oslo, Bruges (yes, the same one where the movie In Bruges is set), wine region Bordeaux and the charming city of Cork on Irelands rugged, Atlantic beaten shore. 

Mediterranean Cruises with P&O

The sunny Mediterranean ocean is flanked by Spain, the South of France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sardinia, Cyprus and Israel.  The Mediterranean leads to the Adriatic Sea, with Montenegro and Croatia, a popular disembarkation port on this route being Venice, tucked away in northern Italy.  Your Mediterranean P&O cruise will take you to some or all of these destinations, depending on how long you want your holiday to be. 

Choose a wine and food trip that skirts the coastlines of Italy and southern France, both famous for their fine cuisine and finer wines. The cities and islands of Spain, including Palma de Mallorca, are for those who enjoy relaxing on the beach, while you are not busy relaxing on your P&O cruise ships that is!  Flavour central Europe by choosing to round Italy’s southern tip, via the infamous island of Sicily, and explore the Adriatic Sea.  The eastern Mediterranean takes you further into the Old World and the Holy Land.

Northern Europe & Scandinavia

Sailing north on the globe, the stunning glacial waters of the North Sea take you to Norway, Greenland and Iceland.  Here you will be treating to truly breathtaking vistas of fjords and waterfalls, cross into the Arctic Circle and experience the Midnight Sun on the North Cape.  The scenic cruises in this region are hard to beat.

P&O Cruise Lines UK to Australia

Departing from the port of Southampton, P&O cruises cross the Atlantic Ocean and, passing through the Panama Canal, stop at sun-soaked locations along the way, including Barbados and Curacao and the North American city of Los Angeles.  Explore some of the South Pacific Islands, pay a visit to Auckland in northern New Zealand, then arrive to the Australian continent with city stops along the southern coast before disembarking at Adelaide or Perth.  Experience the delight of sailing into Sydney Harbour, flanked by the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

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