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A cruising holiday is bound to be one of, if not the best holiday experiences of your life.  With so many different world cruise lines out there, your many options can make choosing somewhat of a daunting task.  First-timers often wonder just where to start and which option to choose.  Well, if you are looking to stick to a certain budget or save money, then you should look for cruises that depart from a port located close to home.  That way, you won’t need to pay to fly or drive to far to reach the port. 

New Zealanders and Australians have plenty of luck in this department with a large variety of port and cruise choices.  With so many departing from various locations, it’s quite easy to find a few options fairly close to home.  Approximately 80% of all Oceania cruises are booked through top class Australia Cruise Lines including: Carnival Cruises, Cunard, Holland America,  P&O World Cruising, Princess Cruises and Seabourne.  Seabourne is one of the most notable of all since it offers its guests everything they could hope for when it comes to a luxury cruise line.

Of course, it’s not all about the big names in the industry.  There are also a number of smaller ship cruise lines which make it possible for you to visit places that the larger ships aren’t able to take you. Such locations include the islands and reefs that make up the famous Great Barrier Reef, a trip up the Amazon River or even into the spectacular polar regions.  Companies that specialise in just such personal, small ship cruises include Coral Princess and Captain Cook Lines (the Great Barrier Reef) and the Orion Expedition Cruise Lines.  Your choice will largely depend on exactly what it is that you wish to see and enjoy.

Pacific and Asia Cruises

Each region has a one or more specialist cruise lines that excel in providing the perfect cruise for that part of the world.  For a Pacific Cruise line to take you to your dream island destination have a look at Crystal Cruises, Seaboard, Oceania Cruises and Paul Gauguin Cruises – all of these are top-end luxury cruise lines;  if you have a slimmer wallet, Carnival, P&O, Celebrity and Princess Cruises offer similar itineraries at a far more realistic price.

If your wanderlust is pointing you towards exotic Asia, there are Australia Cruise Lines, World cruise lines that include Asia in their itineraries, such as Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean cruises.

Europe Cruise Lines

Europe, and the Mediterranean in particular, is a very popular part of the world for cruising, especially for those travellers who have an interest in the history of Western civilizations.  All the major World Cruise Lines have a European season, focussed on the relatively short European Summer, and most of the American Cruise Lines such as Royal Caribbean and Holland America take a break from their American coastal and Caribbean itineraries to sail across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean for summer.

Norway, Greenland and Iceland Itineraries are taken care of by several regional and the world cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and MSC.

All the main-stream world cruise lines ply their trade around the Americas and Alaska and there are literally dozens of cruise lines to choose from, the small ship expedition cruise lines.

North & South America Cruises

Cruises to the Inside Passage and Alaska allow you to cruise some of the most popular cruises in the world. Departure ports for these cruises include Vancouver, Seattle or San Francisco. If you are looking for warmer waters, then there are also cruises to Mexico, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. In South America you can cruise right down the spectacular Chilean coast; around Cape Horn to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janiero. For nature lovers you can follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands.

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