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Repositioning cruises

What are Repositioning Cruises?

Need to get somewhere in not too much of a hurry?  Is your philosophy that life is in the journey, not the destination?  I haven’t even mentioned the headaches of airports, check in, baggage restrictions, losing your shoes at security and trying to sleep in uncomfortable airplane seats better avoided.  You, my friend, are primed to book your comfortable, spacious cabin on one of many available repositioning cruises.

Repositioning cruises make use of seasonal changes

As the seasons rise and fall, the tourist market skips around the globe chasing after the sunshine.  The popularity of cruises in any given region waxes and wanes; as the high season turns to the low season; and the locals settle in for the winter.  For cruise ships, there is no need to sit all alone in a port for months on end; the ship and crew are off for warmer climes!  And so they set off across the oceans from one point to another, embarking from one location and disembarking at a different one, then remaining in that region for the season.  A repositioning cruise can also be called a “relocation cruise”. 

And you can be on board!  We have all sat in uncomfortable, cramped cabins with sub-standard food and nothing but a tiny TV screen to keep us entertained and wondered, “isn’t my time more valuable than this?”  On a repositioning cruise you will feel like you never left home as you enjoy your comfortable bed (on which you can lie down fully!), world class cuisine served on real tables in a dining room, live entertainment and the opportunity to get out into the fresh air for long walks, watersports or just lounging by the pool.  Not even a train can provide such luxury.

Where do relocation cruises take me?

Repositioning cruises tend to be longer in length and you won’t find anything less than twelve nights.  Usually you will be sailing from continent to continent.  For example, depart Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA, and cross the Pacific Ocean, stopping off at the Islands of the South Pacific, disembarking in Australia.  Transatlantic cruises are popular, departing from Europe, with several exciting city and scenic stops along the way, before setting out on the Atlantic Ocean and arriving to New York City.

Getting too cold in Canada or Alaska?  Take a repositioning cruise southwards towards Central America and follow the sunshine to the Pacific coast of California, with its excellent wine region, or further still to the beaches of Miami.  As the cold sets in on the Australian continent, you can set sail towards the much more appealing tropical climate of Asia, where their winters are our summers.  Some repositioning cruises take the long way round, departing from ports such as Southampton in the United Kingdom and rounding Africa, Australia, Asia and the southern coast of Europe and the Holy Land to arrive in the Mediterranean region and disembark in Egypt.

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