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Vanuatu Cruises: A Tropical Trip

The island nation of Vanuatu is in fact an archipelago consisting of an impressive 83 South Pacific islands. These stunning islands, their white-sand beaches and quaint towns are all major attractive features that draw tourists to these parts. Cruises to Vanuatu are quickly becoming a regular feature on many South Pacific cruises itineraries offered by top cruise lines.

Since Vanuatu does not have any major cities, there are no cruises from Vanuatu. That said, many visitors from Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland enjoy cruises to Vanuatu. The most commonly found ships in the area are those belonging to P&O Australia. That said, Carnival (mostly the Carnival Spirit), Princess and Royal Caribbean also include visits to Vanuatu and French Melanesia as part of their itineraries.

Vanuatu Ports: Tourism Hotspots in Vanuatu

Port Vila is the largest port in Vanuatu and it is a wonderful harbour town which is also the country’s capital. The commercial pier is where ships dock and it is just 5 kilometres from the town centre. The best way of reaching the town centre from the dock is by taxi and there are always plenty to choose from at the pier when ships arrive. The town is great for shopping in the markets and there are numerous fun shore tours. Alternatively, you can simply wonder around and watch the fishing boats as they come and go.

Another top stop for ships is Mystery Island. This uninhabited island is a tender port which means that the ship will anchor offshore and passengers will be tendered to the island. You will encounter locals that come from nearby islands to sell crafts and provide entertainment through playing traditional music. This island is great for relaxing and enjoying the South Pacific views. Since there’s not much to do here, relaxation is mandatory!

Some other Vanuatu destinations include the private beaches of Champagne Bay and Wala. These are also tender ports and perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sand, sun and fresh air. If you fancy snorkelling, Wala is the place for you! You can also enjoy a tour of the traditional village and the most amazing natural scenery. Champagne Bay and Espiritu Santo Island boast some of the most picturesque beaches as well as the diving hotspot provided by the Grand SS President Coolidge ship wreck. If you want to stretch your legs, there are several bush trails worth exploring. P&O Cruises often offer such entertainment as volleyball games while Royal Caribbean are known for shore tours that include sports fishing and horse riding.

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