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Cruising is not limited to the beautiful blue seas. Passengers can also explore inland cities and towns by boarding river cruises. River cruises operate in various parts of the world including Europe, Russia, Vietnam and Australia’s Murray River Region. While ocean cruises are often associated with water swells and possible sea sickness, river cruises are ideal for those who have a somewhat more sensitive stomach and suffer from motion sickness. River waters are far calmer than those of the open sea and this will most definitely mean smoother sailing for all!

Scenic River Cruises

Scenic River Cruises offers various cruises to several destinations in Europe, Vietnam, Russia and more.

Passengers have the option of boarding a river cruise through some of the most romantic destinations in France, along the famous Rhine River and to several destinations in Russia like St. Petersburg. Vietnam cruises also allow for great insight to the local culture and history with superb views along the way.

For those who wish to explore several countries, Scenic River Cruises offers itineraries that take passengers all the way from Hungary to Germany and through to the famous canals of Amsterdam. These trips are diverse in every aspect and provide passengers with something new and exciting to experience with each passing day.

Captain Cook Cruises

With Captain Cook Cruises, passengers are able to enjoy brief or extended river adventures to several locations in Australia’s beautiful Murraylands. This river is home to plenty of life so keep your eyes open for such enchanting creatures as Murray longnecked tortoises, hair-nosed wombats and grey kangaroos to name but a few.

All of these cruises depart from Mannum and travel all the way to Swan Beach. The longer your itinerary, the more stops you will make along the way. If you only have a few days for travelling, you can still enjoy the complete trip but without as many stops.

Cruise Holiday search

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