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Pearl of Scandinavian departing Oslo; Europe cruises

Europe Cruises

Rich culture and plenty of cruise ports await

With Asia to one side and the Atlantic to the other, Europe is vast and enchanting. This continent is home to an amazing blend of culture, history, ethnicity and languages of every variety. With each port comes a new adventure with something different and exciting to discover. From icy attractions like the glaciers in Norway to the golden sands of Greece, it is this wonderful variety that makes Europe cruises such a popular choice for cruise holidays.

Europe Cruise Holidays: What’s available?

With Europe cruise holidays, you can get just about anything you can imagine! There’s something for everyone and below you can read about some of the top European locations for cruises to visit:

Scandinavia Cruises

Scandinavian countries are famed for their superb, untouched scenery as well as safe, clean cities. Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are all overflowing with culture, history and give visitors a chance to enjoy the diverse food and architecture. It wasn’t until quite recently that such cities became top tourist spots. Thanks to the remarkable infrastructures and welcoming atmospheres, these destinations now manage to compete with other world-class hotspots. Of all the attractions, one of the biggest tourist magnets are the fjords of Norway. There are a number of ships that take passengers on unforgettable trips through these spectacular landscapes and make port in locations like Alesund, Flam, Geiranger, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Cruise the British Isles

Another up and coming cruise destination are the British Isles and the historic appeal of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland is enough to make any history lover smile from ear to ear. The places you visit when touring the British Isles may not have that tropical paradise feel that many associate with cruise holidays. It does however offer a fantastic busy urban experience with plenty of history, activities and sights around every corner. Ships regularly dock in Southampton and several day tours to London start here. Other popular ports include Cobh, Dublin, Edinburgh, Inverness, Liverpool, St Peter and several other smaller locations. On many occasions, a cruise to the British Isles will include a trip to the mainland and plan a stop at Cherbourg or Le Havre.

Mediterranean Cruises

Another highly popular area for cruising is the Mediterranean. To the west, ships usually dock in ports of Italy, France and Spain. The main attractions in these parts include the vibrant city of Barcelona, the refined French Riviera cities, upmarket Monte Carlo and Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast. After docking along the cost of Italy, there are day trips available to take passengers to Rome and Florence. Passengers have the opportunity to visit well-known cities and experience the romance that Italy, France and Spain are renowned for all at the same time! It’s this appeal that makes these parts such a hotspot for cruise lines.

Adriatic Coast and Greek Islands

To the east, there are warm and exotic European locations. One of the most popular being Venice. In fact, many of the cruises in these parts start or conclude here. The Adriatic countries, Greece and Greek Islands form the main focus of cruises in this area. Not only are tourists attracted to these parts thanks to the perfect beaches but also the captivating history. In Croatia, the busiest ports are Split and Dubrovnik while the Gulf of Kotor and Kotor city are top stops in Montenegro. For urban entertainment in Greece, you need look no further than Athens. Of course, if you prefer the beach life and crystal clear water, then you’ll have plenty of beaches to explore.

River Cruises

In Europe, another popular option are river cruises. Many European cities are accessible by meandering waterways. Travelling along these calm waters by river boat is a relaxing alternative that will ensure smooth sailing and more than enough port stops for passengers to disembark and explore.

Companies that Offer Cruise Holidays in Europe

Apart from the small and specialised cruise lines, all the rest offer cruise holidays in Europe! Although Cundard, MSC and P&O UK are Europe-based, these fine Mediterranean and North Sea waters are frequented by cruise ships from various lines. With so many lines operating in this area, it means that passengers need not deviate from their cruise line of choice. They can still enjoy a trip to Europe with their favourite cruise operator.

With all of this in mind, it is also important to note that smaller ships have the ability to access ports that may not be accessible to larger ships. So, if you are looking for a more specialised and in-depth expedition type trip, lines like Azamara Club, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn and Silversea are ideal. Often, these luxury lines offer extras like in depth enrichment programs and informative talks on the ports of call. If you enjoy learning about each of your destinations or if you simply feel the need for some real pampering, then this is the best choice for you.

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