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Cruises to Hawaiian Islands

Cruises to Hawaiian Islands

Cruises to Hawaiian Islands visit this group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean that are the 50th and most recent state to join the United States of America.  Thanks to its isolation, wide range of environs and altitudes, as well as its beautiful, topical climate, the diversity of flora and fauna on the island chain is diverse and in many ways unique.  Unfortunately, much of it is currently on the endangered list.

Roundtrip cruises to Hawaiian Islands from the Pacific Western coast of the North American continent, departing ports such as Los Angeles, San Diego and Vancouver, can last up to fifteen nights.  A longer cruise, taking in Tahiti – another of the South Pacific Islands – will last a little over three weeks.  Departing from ports in Australia, Hawaii can be experienced as part of a thirty-five-night South Pacific cruise, which includes the island chains of Polynesia, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Samoa and Fiji. 

Cruise the Hawaiian Islands

The eight major islands – plus more than one hundred islets and reefs – of Hawaii have 750 miles of coastline to be investigated on a Hawaii cruise.  The islands are in fact the above-sea peaks of an undersea mountain range formed by a hotspot of volcanic activity.  The largest island is named Hawaii, or The Big Island, and is the seat of government.  One of its most amazing sights is The Great Crack, an eight mile long, 60 feet deep fissure surrounded by rich archeological features.  Oahu Island, a popular destination for visitors, features many sandy beaches with clear blue Tropical Ocean lapping on the shore.  You might recognize some of the famous location names, such as Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbour. 

The second largest island, Maui, is a watersports dream.  The snorkeling is so abundant that you can don your snorkel, walk into the ocean and simply belly flop into another world.  Surfing of all kinds – kite, wind and regular – is popular with tourists on this island.  Further inland there are national parks with hiking and wildlife spotting activities, not to mention stunning waterfalls, volcanic black sand beaches and volcanic mountains.  Nowhere are these more breathtaking than on the “Garden Isle”, Kauai Island, a highlight being the Kalalau Valley.

Cruises from Hawaii

In fact, cruises from Hawaii are the perfect way to explore the South Pacific region.  Roundtrips from Australia and North America again take in several islands, a popular cruise visiting Hawaii and Tahiti on a month long voyage.  You can also choose to arrive to Hawaii by plane and depart on a Hawaii cruise from Honolulu port, the capital of the Hawaiian State.

No matter which route you choose, on one of at least three major Hawaii cruise lines, just choosing to cruise the Hawaiian Islands guarantees you a truly memorable experience, way, way out in the middle of the ocean.

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