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Jobson's Cove, cruises to Bermuda
Jobson’s Cove, Bermuda

Cruises to Bermuda from New York & Baltimore

Getting lost will certainly have a new meaning for cruisers bound for the islands of Bermuda; but one that is not, thankfully, associated with that treacherous triangle. This British overseas territory also known as Somers Isles (not Summers Isles), sits all by itself in the North Atlantic. Bermuda’s closest neighbor at least 1,000 kilometers away. It stands to reason, then, that cruises to Bermuda from New York or Baltimore and back could mean days at sea, leaving only the determined to uncover the treasure that awaits.

A Cruise to Bermuda’s Hot Pink Beaches

Perhaps because of sheer distance (and that imaginary polygon) that the volume of visitors does not really swell beyond half a million a year. Although this might change soon with bigger Bermuda cruise lines calling in at King’s Wharf; making it possible to snag a towel-sized patch of pink sand when your ship makes it past Bermuda’s infamous coral reefs.

There is plenty of rose-colored real estate to choose from, but Horseshoe Bay is the most celebrated because its pink crescent shape against the blue sea is as picturesque as the hype. A cruise to Bermuda won’t be complete without a day of snorkeling, and Church Bay, with its reef close to shore and protected from the vagaries of the Atlantic, is the place to be. West Whale Bay is most strategic for catching a glimpse of migrating humpback whales, while Chaplin Bay is famous for its privacy. The longest shoreline, Long Bay, and the most visually stunning, the jagged-peaked Jobson’s Cove, are all worth a detour. All are in West End.

Exclusive Cruises to Bermuda from Baltimore

One of the staples of Bermuda cruises from Baltimore is an exclusive cruise that usually last from six to seven nights. Assuming two days are spent at sea, there is still plenty of time left to explore the treasures of Bermuda that beguile not just beach connoisseurs but also aficionados of (British) history. A close look at the British colonial architecture at Saint George inscribed as a World Heritage Site should top the list; followed by shopping and some sightseeing at the capital, Hamilton; and capped off by a generous serving of naval and shipwreck history at King’s Wharf.

Apart from tourism, Bermuda’s economy is heavily reliant on offshore financial services, which means that for every bikini-clad sun-worshipper there is swashbuckling golfer. Since Bermuda-only cruises usually spend separate days on each of these ports, there is more than adequate time to hit the tee, learn history, shop until you drop, laze on the beach, and party hard after dark, or any combination thereof.

Cruises New York to Bermuda and the Caribbean

New York to Bermuda cruises, with extended trips to the Caribbean, depart from Cape Liberty and call on King’s Wharf, Philipsburg in the Dutch outpost of Sint Maarten, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and Labadee in Haiti (exclusively leased to Royal Caribbean). Cruises to Bermuda from New York can be as short as five nights, but mixed cruises are as long as nine.

The distance from Bermuda to the Caribbean Basin is considerable; so you will spend more time sailing and less time beach bumming. For a cursory look at the highlights of each port of call, a few hours would suffice, unless you are caught in one of those pink nooks that are just too picture-perfect to be true.

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