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Cruises to Tokyo: Visit the biggest city in Japan

Tokyo is a massive city that more than lives up to its reputation. It is located in the very centre of the most densely populated urban area in the entire world and this really makes it unique and an exciting stop for visitors. It is a particularly popular port with Princess Cruises but there are several other major cruise lines that stop here during Asian cruises. Not to mention all the smaller cruise lines as well! Cruises to Tokyo really attract cruise lines of every variety.

Tokyo’s Port: Facilities for Cruise Ships Visiting Tokyo

When visiting Tokyo, cruise ships have a number of options. Where they are able to dock will of course depend on the size of the ship and, if they are able to fit under the Rainbow Bridge, they will dock at the Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal on Harumi Island. Not far from the terminal passengers will find a metro terminal as well as a bus terminus just outside. Larger ships that are unable to fit under the bridge will dock in Yokohama’s Osanbashi Pier. It is approximately 15 miles from Tokyo city but, within walking distance, passengers will find a train station that can take them to the city centre.

Tokyo’s City: Sightseeing in Tokyo

Cruise visitors have plenty to look forward to when visiting Tokyo. Since it is known as one of the biggest urban centres in the world, it is also filled variety in terms of culture and there’s so much to see, do and eat along the way. The metro system in the city is extremely efficient and extensive which makes it easy to get around. Lines are colour coded and stations have a letter and a number to allow for easier navigation.

There’s just about no end to the number of sights in the city and, if you only have a day to explore, you will want to focus on the main attractions of course. One of which being the Tsukiji fish market. What makes a fish market so special? Well, this is actually the largest seafood market in the world and there are several seafood and sushi restaurants here.

Another top attraction in Tokyo is the Imperial Palace. The Shibuya intersection is famous for being so busy and this is the place to go if you want to experience the true pace of this city. Alternatively, if you are in the mood for something a bit more relaxing, you can take a boat ride on the Sumida River and take in the intriguing city skyline.

Tokyo is also home to a Disneyland Park which is great for the young and young at heart. Tokyo is generally known as a shopping hotspot and, since so many products are made here, you can get them at really reasonable prices. One of the main markets in Tokyo is the electronics market. If you are looking to buy a camera, computer, phone or anything along those lines, then make your way to Akihabara. You will also find plenty of Anime and Manga here for those who are enthusiasts. Antiques malls and a local antiques market is a must for those who have a passion for collecting old treasures while Harajuku and Shibuya attract those young and trendy visitors.

Tokyo Cruises: Cruise Lines in Asia

Most of the top cruise lines operate cruises that stop off at Tokyo. Princess Cruises are known for offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of cruise options to Tokyo. Silversea and Seabourn are two luxury lines that also include Tokyo in various itineraries.

Cruises that include a stop in Tokyo are often those that visit other port in Asia. Some, like Silverseas, focus on northern areas and include stops in Japan, Russia, Canada and Alaska. Others travel to Japan and China from Singapore or Australia.

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