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Ship in Skagway; cruising to Alaska

Cruising to Alaska: Glaciers, Fjords and Wilderness

When you think of cruising to Alaska, you can’t help but imagine all the picturesque sights like giant glaciers, fjords, wilderness areas and cities of unparalleled charm perfect for cruise ports. The main attraction of Alaska cruises is the scenic aspect and being able to enjoy the breathtaking vistas without having to leave the comfort of the ship. Many cruises that head for Alaska begin their journey in Vancouver or Seattle. These large cities are more than equipped to handle the embarking and disembarking of a significant number of passengers.

Ports in Alaska: Top Destinations for Cruises in Alaska


On the Tongass Narrows, you will find the town of Ketchikan. With the perfect backdrop of green, forest covered slopes and a fine view of the water, offers the best of both worlds. A popular activity for day cruise visitors are the local sightseeing tours. For history lovers, a visit to the Totem Heritage Centre and the Tongass Historical Museum located in the town centre will likely be at the top of your list. Creek Street is known for its scenic appeal, lovely buildings resting on poles over the water and great local shopping. Cruise ships dock in the town centre which makes many of the top sights really easy to reach. Should multiple ships visit at the same time, one might need to anchor offshore and its passengers will tender in to port.

The Inside Passage

Although not a port, the Inside Passage might be listed as a destination on several itineraries. This waterway between different islands just off the coast is protected and, since it is so wonderfully calm, it is ideal for a scenic cruise. Passengers often spot a fair amount of wildlife along this section of their trip including sea lions, whales and bald eagles. As for the on-shore views, you simply cannot beat the magnificent sight of glaciers and mountains.


The capital of the state of Alaska is Juneau and is a major port for cruise lines. Due to its location and being surrounded by the massive local wilderness, it is only accessible by boat and plan. While it is the most isolated state capital in the USA, the compact downtown area is easy to explore on foot. There are many signs throughout that provide fascinating information regarding the local history. You will also find the Alaska State Museum in this city which is one of the top places to visit while here. There are three areas for ships to dock. Their first choice would be along South Franklin Street. On very rare occasions, there are so many ships in dock that passengers need to be tendered. Another bit of good news is that all docks are in close proximity of the downtown area which makes for a lovely walk.


Another popular stop for cruises to Alaska is the small village of Sitka. This cosy town is located on the outer edge of the Inside Passage islands. It’s ideal for shopping and you will find some terrific natural attractions nearby. One of these sights is the Sitka National Historical Park and there are several tours that will take you through the wilderness around the town. Larger ships will anchor offshore and passengers will be tendered ashore while smaller ships may use the downtown docks.

The best scenic cruising can be enjoyed in such parts as the Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier. Take a step out onto your balcony, deck or even gaze out the window as you enjoy these sights from the comfort of your cruise ship. Alternatively, if you are making your way through these parts by luxury line, you could enjoy the views by helicopter, kayak or zodiac. It is the sight of these picture perfect glaciers and fjords that really set an Alaska cruise apart from the rest. According to many travellers, the opportunity to see the Hubbard Glacier calving into the sea is the highlight of their trip.


The small town of Skagway came to be during the 19th century Yukon gold boom. Encompassed by towering mountain peaks, this town has an amazing natural beauty unlike any other. Another aspect that adds to its appeal is the way in which the historic downtown area was restored to the way it was during the gold rush days – wooden sidewalks and all! A fun way to spend a day visit is by simply exploring the town. Shore tours take passengers even further inland where they can really explore the local wilderness for which Alaska is so famous. There are three deep-water docks for ships to choose from near the downtown area which makes for easy access.


The small northern Alaskan community of Whittier welcomes cruise ships from time to time. Its new cruise terminal is used as an alternative disembarkation and embarkation point for nearby city of Anchorage. The lovely harbour town of Seward is located further north and serves as the gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park. Cruise ships dock around the northern part of town.

The Best Cruise Deals in Alaska: Pick Your Favourite

With Go 4 Cruise Holidays, it’s easy to find all the different Alaska cruise options on various lines. Many of them offer trips to Alaska and some even base one or two of their ships in the area during Alaska’s summer. Princess Cruises are known to frequent these parts the most of all cruise lines. Other ships from Celebrity, Holland America and Royal Caribbean follow closely. For the most part, these large-ship lines depart from Vancouver and Seattle. They also offer a variety of itineraries comprised of various lengths. Most include the top destinations for cruising to Alaska like Ketchikan, Juneau and at least one of the scenic northern glacier regions.

Smaller ships and luxury cruise lines also offer their passengers the opportunity to enjoy what Alaska has to offer. Both Silversea and Regent Seven Seas cruises offer Alaskan itineraries that allow passengers the opportunity to enjoy an up close wilderness experience.

Whether you are looking for cheap Alaska cruises, last-minute Alaska cruises, luxury Alaska cruises, long trips or a quick getaway to Alaska, you need look no further than the deals available for cruising to Alaska through Go 4 Cruise Holidays.

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