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Cruises That Circumnavigate Australia: Exploring Australia’s Varying Coastline

Circumnavigating Australia is not an extremely common itinerary but they are available from various cruise lines like Holland America and Royal Caribbean. They usually begin in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and they make their way all the way around the country. It’s interesting to note that, although a country in itself; Australia is known as the smallest continent as well as the largest island in the world. Some of these cruises may join with New Zealand cruises or visit some south-east Asian ports for some added variety.

Sydney Harbour Bridge,around australia cruises
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Cruise Destinations in Australia

Most cruises that circumnavigate Australia plan stops in all of the country’s main cruise ports. Along the east coast there are busy cities like Sydney and Brisbane as well as the city of Cairns which has a wonderful tropical climate. Along the northern coast you will reach Darwin. It’s wonderfully warm and sunny here and close to Kakadu National Park. The west coast is home to smaller towns like Port Hedland and Broome. Broome is a pearling town and has a fascinating history. Perth and Fremantle are located on the southwest coast and its beaches are as beautiful as its people are friendly. Further along this part of the coast there are several small towns. Small-ship lines make use of them as ports in order to offer their passengers a look at the quaint side of Australia.

To the south, the coast from Albany to Esperance is absolutely superb. This area has that untouched and unspoiled beauty about it thanks to the many national parks and beaches that line the way. Also near these parts, just a bit further east, are cities like Melbourne and Adelaide. Adelaide is known for producing world class wines and many know Melbourne as the country’s Culture Capital.

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