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Cruising Around the World

Queen Mary 2; cruising around the world

Cruising Around the World

Is it your dream to circumnavigate the earth? If not, the once-in-a-lifetime experience of cruising around the world most certainly should be! There’s so much that our beautiful planet has to offer and, although it might sound like a lot of effort, it really is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Some top cruising around the world itineraries

For this type of cruise, Princess Cruises is an excellent choice – particularly for those in Australia. These ships depart from Sydney and the onboard currency is AUD. You can even take to the Aussie ways in terms of tipping (in other words, it’s unnecessary). There are many itineraries to choose from but these two are our top picks:

Circle Pacific Roundtrip

Although the Circle Pacific Roundtrip is not a complete circumnavigation, it still takes passengers to three continents and several stunning tropical islands over a period of 75 unforgettable nights. After 4 years, this highly rated cruise is back on the market. It visits exotic ports in Asia such as Kinabalu, Tianjin, Hong Kong and others. It also visits five stunning destinations in Alaska and a number of islands in the South Pacific including Tahiti and Hawaii. This really is a leisure cruise and there are several occasions where the ship remains docked in port overnight. This allows passengers to really explore their surroundings and, you’ll be happy to know that Shanghai is one of the overnight stays!

Princess Sydney Departure World Cruise

The Princess Sydney Departure World Cruise is a cruise unlike any other. It fully circumnavigates the globe and, over 104 nights it makes 55 stops. If you think you’ve done this kind of trip before, think again! An additional 11 new ports have joined the itinerary to turn this popular world cruise into an even greater one.

Beginning in Sydney, the ship makes its way along the south coast of Australia before crossing the ocean to India and the intriguing culture rich Middle Eastern cities. The Suez Canal makes travelling to the Mediterranean a quick trip and these waters are home to many ports. It is in the Mediterranean and Europe that passengers will experience some of the most culturally diverse and historically significant destinations. Hereafter, it’s time to travel across the great Atlantic and on to Canada and New England. Next up are the lively harbours of South America before the ship makes its way home via the Pacific Ocean. On the journey home, there are more stops including Hawaii and French Polynesia. The largest port cities require that the ship docks overnight. In this cruise, overnight stays are set for St Petersberg, New York, Dubai and Lima.

Cruising around the world benefits

The world we live in is nothing short of amazing. From the history rich countries of Europe to the incredibly modern Middle East; from the picture-perfect Alaskan fjords to the pristine southeast Asian beaches and everything in between. There is diversity in every corner and there’s nothing more amazing than experiencing the sights, scents and sounds of other cultures. That said, travelling can be hard work if you want to visit more than one country and, even then, you still need to put in a lot of effort to make sure that your needs are catered for.

Cruising really is convenience and it’s the most phenomenal way to see the world. Once onboard, you unpack your bags once and make yourself at home. There’s no more packing and unpacking. There are no concerns about carrying liquids, dragging sleeping bags around with you or any of the concerns that go with other types of travel. You really can relax and let the ship’s crew take care of everything for you!

A different perspective

On a world cruise, passengers get to really appreciate the world we live in from a different perspective. When you fly from one place to another, it all happens so fast that it can easily make you forget just how massive our planet is and how truly impressive our great oceans are.

Cruising along the coastlines of different continents allows passengers the opportunity to see these places in a way that is not possible by plane, train or other modes of transport. When you see the cities from the water, it really does look completely different than the way it appears from the air.

True relaxation at its best

Cruising is a truly relaxed form of travel. While planes and other transportation try to get their passengers from A to B in a hurry, cruising is not just about the ports. It’s about the fun you can have on the ship itself. Cruise ships offer a wide range of entertainment and activities to keep their passengers of all ages happy and comfortable. When crossing great oceans like the Pacific or Atlantic, it’s common for people to be reminded of the time when cruising was the most glamorous way to go. These days, all passengers get to enjoy that first class touch!

Every morning you get to wake up to a new location just begging to be explored and enjoyed. Whether it’s a gorgeous beach, a new city to see or even another part of the glorious ocean, you will enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without feeling any jetlag! Slowly crossing the time zones allows your body to adjust.

Prefer a shorter trip

Full world cruises might not suit every budget or, for that matter, schedule. This is why there are options to enjoy a sector. These trips range from about a week long to over 50 nights and they are great for exploring, enjoying the cruise experience and sticking to your budget. With a wide variety of sectors to choose from, you really can choose where you would most like to go.

Participating ships

There are a large number of ships that have been included in this amazing sale:

* Princess Cruises’ Sea Princess and Sun Princess
* Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria
* P&O UK’s Arcadia

Don’t miss out!

With a wide variety of itineraries, cruise lines, ships and sectors at great prices, you too can make the most of this opportunity to experience the world. Make your way to the event page and let us help you make those dreams come true!

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