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Round the World Sector

Around the World Cruise Sectors

On an around the World Cruise you have the option to take a full cruise all around the world; or alternatively you can take shorter World Cruise Sectors; that make up the full Around the World Cruise.

Around World Cruise Sectors from Europe

There are several exciting European cities from which to embark on world cruise.  Begin in Rome, where the old and new worlds are juxtaposed on the city streets.  Explore the Mediterranean countries, or, if your appetite for adventure is larger, book a Southampton to Australia cruise exploring the south of Europe and the northern coastline of the African continent, before scenic cruising down the Suez Canal and onwards through the Old World to Australia.

Perhaps you would prefer to cruise westwards across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Americas.  World cruise lines navigate the islands of the Caribbean and Mexico, rounding the southern tip of North America and along the Panama Canal to disembark along its Pacific west coast.  It is possible to continue across the Pacific Ocean, island hop in the South Pacific – Fiji, Samoa, Polynesia, to name but a few – and arrive to eastern Australia.

P&O Cruises Australia
P&O Cruises Australia

Around World Cruise Sectors from Australia

Australia is the ideal starting point for a cruise to the Asian continent.  Departing one of the major ports in Australia, including the breathtaking Sydney Harbour or the northernmost Darwin Harbour; it is possible to make a short vacation on an around Australia cruise or cruise Australia to New Zealand.  From Darwin or Broome explore Singapore and East Timor.  Cruise across the vast Indian Ocean, far from land for nine nights of scenic cruising, arriving to South Africa.  

World Cruises in Asia

You can take around the world cruises departing from Singapore, travel north in the China Seas, with excursions in Asian countries such as Cambodia, China and Japan.  See the highlights of the old world – many of which are listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites – including the Great Wall of China and the island of Hong Kong.  Depart from the United Kingdom to transport yourself from the new to the old worlds, arriving to Japan via the Suez Canal, India and South East Asia.  Choose a round trip taking in Africa and Australia, before going north and then westwards towards Europe via Asia.

Hong Kong Island,around the world cruise
Hong Kong Island

American Cruises around the World

Cruise to or from America on a Southampton to New York cruise.  Make the New York to Sydney cruise trip, taking in destinations on the South American continent and South Pacific Islands; choose to continue from here towards Europe disembarking at Dubai.  Cruising further northwards along the continents western coast takes you into Canada and a classic Alaskan cruise, a popular option being an Inside Passage Route.  Turning southwards choose a cruise around South America; visiting cities and coastal regions in countries such as Chile, Argentine, Peru and Brazil. 

A Cruise around the World

An around the world cruise from Southampton takes you to several continents in one hundred and sixteen days.  Starting from the United Kingdom, choose to travel east or west and return by round trip to Southampton.  Make a ninety-two night round of the globe from Southampton, disembarking in Cairo, Egypt.  World travel cruises are the best way to sample a wide range of sights, sounds and tastes, all from the comfort of your own cabin, while avoiding the hassle of airports, baggage claim and weight restrictions.

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