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What to Pack for a Cruise

What to pack for a cruise

What to pack for a cruise

If you are planning on embarking on your very first cruise, then you are likely to have several questions. One main question being what to pack for a cruise. Well, we have taken the liberty of creating a comprehensive list of all the most important items you will need for any cruise. With this list in hand, packing for a cruise and deciding what to take will be a breeze!


It should go without saying that you will need your boarding documents in order to gain access to the ship at the point of embarkation. If you are scheduled to make any stops at foreign ports, you will also need your passport.

Each passenger needs to possess their own passport regardless of their age and whether or not you intend on getting off the ship. Each passport needs to be valid for at least six months after the date on which the cruise is concluded. This strict rule is imposed by every cruise line so make sure that you double check your passport dates even before you book your cruise holiday.

If your cruise takes you to ports around your home country, then you will not need a passport. You will, however, need a form of photo identification. Any government-issued document will do, including driver’s licences and Medicare cards.

Clothes to Pack on a Cruise

The clothing you pack will depend on the weather you are likely to encounter. Pack summer clothes for warmer destinations or winter wear for colder conditions. It is also important to keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind while packing:


Wear comfortable shoes – You will be spending a fair amount of time walking around the ship’s deck as well as every time you disembark to explore a new port. Pack at least one pair of sandals or sneakers, if not two!

Bring some ‘smart casual’ outfits – When you dine in various restaurants, all passengers are required to wear some more appropriate attire. While you won’t be expected to wear a cocktail dress or collard shirt, you will need to wear something a bit less revealing than crop tops and similar clothing items when sitting down to eat at one of these dining areas. Pack some neat looking T-shirts, longer length shorts and dresses as well as clean sandals and shoes are all suitable for smart casual parts of the ship.

Pack some formal outfits – On many cruises, you will have at least one opportunity to enjoy a formal evening. Passengers will be required to wear dresses and suits so make sure that you have at least one such outfit for your cruise.


Wear shoes with heels – Outdoor decks are known for being a bit slippery and they may even have some small gaps in between the decking planks. Instead of opting for stilettos, you can still enjoy some lift from a stylish pair of wedges instead.

Other important items to pack for a cruise

Most cruise lines do not allow multi-plug boards and they will be confiscated upon embarkation. Other items such as hairdryers and other electric appliances will also be confiscated. If you have any specific items you wish to take on board, you should contact our Go 4 Cruise Holidays consultants before the departure date in order to obtain all the necessary information.

Depending on where the ship you’re boarding originates, you will need to consider that the plugs onboard might not suit your appliances. It would be a good idea to invest in a universal adaptor since ships usually have UK, US or AU plug sockets.

The bags you take on board are not limited in terms of size or quantity. That said, it is important to understand that the more you take on board with you, the less space you will have in your cabin. You should also remember that airlines do indeed have limits. So, if you are planning on flying to the departure point or back home from the ship’s final port, you will need to adhere to these limits.


  • Passports and boarding passes
  • Appliances need a universal plug
  • Clothing should include items for on board the ship, a few smart casual items, and formal attire.
  • Keep tabs on the size and weight of your luggage

If you remember all of these points, you will have all the necessary items you need so that you can enjoy an amazing cruise holiday.

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