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Top 5 Cruises That Should Be on Your Bucket List

cruises that should be on your bucket list

Top 5 Cruises That Should Be on Your Bucket List

The best cruises in the world

It’s no secret that cruise travel gives you the ultimate sense of luxury. By combining delicious food, top class facilities, amusement, elements of relaxation and visits to some of the world’s most spectacular locations, passengers are sure to enjoy a well-rounded and fulfilling holiday. The question is, which of the many cruises out there are good enough to make it onto a top 5 list? The good news is that has done the research for you and came up with a comprehensive top 5 cruises that should be on your bucket list. From the more conventional to the adventurous, tropical islands to more hostile surroundings, this list has it all!

Cruisetours with Princess Alaska

A cruise along the coast of Alaska is nothing short of amazing. Princess Cruises takes Alaskan cruise adventures to the next level by offering their passengers the opportunity to experience the treasures of the land and see with their Cruisetour. While Alaska’s coastline is incredible beyond words, the only way to really experience this part of the world is by exploring the amazing wilderness further inland.

The process that takes passengers from ship to shore is wonderfully streamlined so there are no concerns regarding missed connections. On the Denali Express train, passengers can enjoy the scenery through the glass wraparound domes from the comfort of their coaches. There is no better way to get a closer look at the magnificent mountains, valleys and rivers that all contribute towards Alaska’s incomparable beauty than on these cruises that should be on your bucket list.

Cruisetour guests are provided with accommodation at five lodges exclusive to Princess. The accommodation at Kenai comes in the form of bungalow-style rooms that offer a superb view of the Kenai River Valley. The Denali Lodge is located in the Denali National Park which is an amazing six million acres in size! This lodge makes for the perfect base for nearby exploration. The riverside lodge in Fairbanks is where passengers will be able to experience some of the local urban culture. The views of the surrounding mountains in this area are of the most memorable sights on the trip. The Mt McKinley Lodge also offers a wide range of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. A double storey wall of windows at the Copper River site allows visitors to admire the river views.

While at sea, one of Princess’s great ships will be your home as you enjoy sailing past such sights as glaciers and exploring fjords in the area. In between each of you stops at the quaint coastal towns, passengers should keep a look out for Alaskan wildlife such as seals and whales.

There’s a wide variety in terms of itineraries but, one thing that’s for sure is that a Princess Cruisetour is an adventure waiting to happen! If you are planning on visiting Alaska, you should make the most of your trip by really enjoying what makes Alaska so unique.

Cunard’s Transatlantic Crossing

Cunard is known for leading the way with traditional cruises. In maintaining that British heritage, there is a clear and very apparent emphasis on those delicate touches that make passengers feel pampered like afternoon tea, White Star Service ™, ballroom dancing, additional enrichment programmes and even having your pillow topped with a chocolate every night. What better way to make your way across the Atlantic than in this kind of classic style and glamour?

Although Cunard Cruise Lines has quite the history, it is also proud to have one of the newest fleets currently at see. The Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and the Queen Mary 2 are all extraordinarily beautiful ships. Each of them are decorated in the most tasteful manner and equipped with a full range of facilities to keep all passengers comfortable and happy. Customer care is one of the main priorities on Cunard’s ships and they are known for their White Star Service. The main philosophy supporting this style of service is the emphasis on going above and beyond the expectations of each passenger. There is an extensive range of activities available for passengers to enjoy. Some traditional pastimes include fancy and formal dinners with dancing, classes and lectures, deck quoits and shuffleboard.

The journey between Southampton and New York is legendary in its own right. Whether travelling east or west, this 7 night cruise involves no actual port stops and is comprised of an entire week at sea. This is a great trip for those who love the boat life but, if you are a keen land explorer, you might not find it completely to your liking. Of course, with everything you need and all the luxury you can handle, why would you want to leave your glorious ship anyway? The Queen Mary 2 has made 200 Transatlantic crossings and is set to add to that number in the future. If you enjoy the freedom of being out at sea, this Cunard cruise is definitely for you!

The Celebrity Xpedition Takes You to the Galapagos Islands

The Xpedition is the smallest of Celebrity Cruises vessels. In fact, it is better described as a super-yacht rather than a cruise ship. This vessel caters for less than 100 guests and offers them an even more elite form of luxury cruising. On its route to the beautiful Galapagos Islands, passengers will be treated to true personalised service. The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean. The area is known to be abundant in wildlife and passengers have the rare opportunity of getting an up close look at whale sharks, giant turtles, sea lions and iguanas, to name a few.

The Xpedition is a purpose-built vessel specifically designed and created for this amazing environment. Most of the best highlights of this cruise are found in the water and onshore, the ship is what makes this cruise worthy of being added to the Top 5 list. Some of the main facilities onboard include a gourmet restaurant, fully stocked bar, soothing hot tub and gym as well as lectures, tour information and live music hosted in the Discovery Lounge. The staff onboard live up to the expectations that Celebrity passengers have grown accustomed to and all-inclusive fares are an added advantage.

Shore tours also play a large part of this Galapagos Islands cruise and Celebrity has this aspect of your travels all taken care of. Since the Xpedition cruises strictly in the islands, the staff are very well informed with regards to all the best activities. Passengers can ask for recommendations according to their abilities and interests. What’s even better is that the cruise fare includes all excursions! So passengers can enjoy hiking, coastal explorations, wildlife encounters, diving and snorkelling without having to worry about overspending.

The Galapagos Islands really is a unique holiday destination and the Celebrity Xpedition makes your trip even more perfect by combining luxury with adventure.

World Cruises

If you want to really see the world, there is no better way to do that than by making your way across the earth’s great oceans. There are a few cruise lines that offer trips around the world. These include a comprehensive itinerary with plenty of port stops all over the world. On these cruises that should be on your bucket list, you really can see more than you could in a lifetime of separate holidays. These trips usually last for more than 100 days and, while allowing passengers to explore our wonderful world, they also take into account the value of luxury to keep passengers happy, comfortable and entertained.

World cruises are known to depart from Australia and now they also depart from Auckland, New Zealand! For the adventurous Aussie, Princess Cruises offers a 104 day round trip from Sydney. This round the world trip makes it possible for travellers to see a long list of locations without having to pack their bags every time they move from one spot to the next. The first world cruise departing from Auckland is scheduled for May 11, 2016 and its maiden journeys are bound for prominent destinations like Stockholm, Copenhagen and St Petersburg.

Beginning in Sydney, the cruise travels north to some of the country’s very own fantastic tropical locations and top spots in south-east Asia before travelling through the Middle East and into the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. It is here that the historic ports really are plentiful and there are even more stops in the British Isles. Hereafter, it’s the journey across the Atlantic and on to New England and the port in New York. After exploring the Caribbean and its tropical offerings, ships will make their way through the Panama Canal and make a few stops along the South American coast before traveling on to Pitcairn, Samoa, Tahiti, New Zealand and concluding where it began in Sydney, Australia.

There are a number of world cruises to choose from and, though their itineraries may differ, each one offers passengers the chance to experience something from all the major continents. Apart from Princess, other lines that offer world cruises include Cunard, P&O UK and Holland America.

Paul Gauguin Takes You on a Tahiti Adventure

French Polynesia is the kind of destination that dreams are made of. This group of islands is commonly known by the name of its largest island, Tahiti and with perfect white beaches and palm trees, it is the picture of paradise. It’s a popular spot for honeymooning couples seeking a romantic retreat and it really does raise the bar in terms of tropical getaways.

There’s almost no end to the highlights you will find in Tahiti. The colour contrast between the lush green mountain peaks and the striking blue waters of the lagoons are bound to make you feel like you are living in a dream world. The locals are hospitable and friendly in this slow-paced paradise. Bora Bora is known for its postcard perfect views and Papeete is unique in itself. Even the waters that surround the islands are so inviting that plenty of colourful fish and coral have made it their home along with other interesting marine life.

Paul Gauguin is a small ship luxury cruise line. The MS Paul Gauguin is the flagship and exclusively cruises around and in French Polynesia. She can cater for up to 332 guests and has been specifically designed to cruise the shallow waters around the islands. This means that she can visit many places where larger ships are unable to go.

Many agree that the MS Paul Gauguin is the absolute definition cruises that should be on your bucket list. The itineraries of this ship are on the expensive side but passengers get more than their money’s worth thanks to the highest level of service, unparalleled comfort and more. The ship is also fitted with all ocean view accommodation so that no passengers are left staring at the walls or forced to venture outside just to get a glimpse of the big blue. In addition, the ship also boasts a poolside grill, two gourmet restaurants and WiFi hotspots all around the ship so passengers are always able to check in on life back home. Of course, for the real action, passengers must venture outside to enjoy such facilities as the Watersports Marina. It is a retractable facility and offers activities like diving, snorkelling, kayaking and even windsurfing straight from the ship!

With a crew to guest ratio of 1:1.5, the personal service is second to none and you can be sure that several crew members will learn your name and even your preferences! Room services is offered 24 hours a day, the mini bars in each suite are replenished on a daily basis and this all inclusive trip means that you won’t need to ready your card for any food, drinks or gratuities! This is most certainly a unique travel experience and worth adding to the Top 5 bucket list of cruise holiday musts.

If we have not mentioned your favourite among cruises that should be on your bucket list, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to let us know what your favourite cruise experience has been!

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