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Onboard Cruising Etiquette

Attention to cruising etiquette helps ensure an enjoyable cruise experience for you and those around you. Here are some tips for your best cruising holiday.

Nobody’s perfect

Cruise ships of today tend to carry about three or four thousand people.  Not everyone has a completely perfect experience every time.  You may encounter problems like a clogged toilet, a broken door handle or similar hiccups.  Remember to remain positive and polite.  The crew is doing their utmost to ensure that these issues are kept to a minimum, resolved promptly and that all of their passengers are satisfied.

Volume control

Slamming your cabin door is not only unnecessary but it’s just plain rude.  Especially if you do so at some strange hour and disturb your neighbours.  Do everything in your power to maintain a peaceful and quiet environment especially at night when some other passengers are sleeping.

Moderation is key

Exaggerating with anything is never a good idea while on board.  Sure, you may be on holiday but it’s no reason that you should get drunk in front of all the other passengers.  Remember, you are on a ship and the last thing you want is to end up injuring yourself on board due to some overconsumption. 


Everyone on board is to be treated as equal.  Flashing around your expensive Rolex or diamond rings is just not polite or called for.  Keep your cash and personal items to yourself since you will probably only make a fool of yourself.  Another thing that fellow passengers don’t want to see is you parading around in your undies.  So, whenever you leave your cabin, make sure that you are properly dressed!

No discrimination

Remember that cruise ships attract passengers from all over the world.  You may hear people speaking languages other than your mother tongue and ship announcements are also usually made in several languages in order to accommodate these passengers.  These passengers may speak a different language but it is certainly no cause for discrimination and they have all the same rights on board as you.

Be polite during shows

When attending any show on board, you need to behave appropriately.  If you are feeling tired, avoid sitting in the front row.  Performers can be discouraged if the spot you struggling to stay awake during the show.  If you aren’t having a particularly great time, wait until intermission to make your escape.  If you are unsure whether you will enjoy the show or not, make sure that you sit as close to the back as possible.  That way, when you do not return after intermission, you won’t be missed.

Don’t put on a show

If you are unhappy about something, there is no need to make a scene.  Instead, ask management to resolve the issue and do so in a calm and collected manner.  By staying calm, you will probably get taken care of faster and you won’t annoy fellow passengers.  Also, remember that things like the weather and rough seas are out of anyone’s control so there is no point in complaining.

Dress code

The dining room might have certain dress code standards but there are some unwritten rules regarding what you wear on a daily basis.  If you would not wear a certain item of clothing to the supermarket, then don’t wear it around the ship.  Follow some basic cruising etiquette and consider other passengers before strutting your stuff in a speedo or thong!

Don’t be stingy

Remember that the crew depend on your tips since their wages are usually quite low when compared to the hours they work.  Some crew members only receive $50 per month as a salary so they really need the extra cash from each and every passenger in order to survive.

Don’t occupy deck chairs with objects

Placing your towels or personal items on lounge chairs by the pool should be kept to a minimum.  You can’t race to the pool, save a bunch of chairs for your friends or family and then let them take hours to get there.  Reserve your one chair while you take a dip but that’s as far as “booking” your spot should go.

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