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Weather conditions are as unpredictable as they are important in determining the kind of experience you have while on board.  The weather while in port will also affect your trip since it will determine the kind of activities you are able to enjoy and those you cannot.  In some cases, the weather can even affect the length of the cruise itself.

  • The operations managers on land are responsible for monitoring weather conditions.  They are in regular contact with the captain and crew so as to offer up to date information and advice.  If necessary, the captain will have more than enough time to make changes to the itinerary.
  • The captain may need to avoid bad weather and, in doing so, trips on shore may not be possible.  In some cases, the captain may choose to skip a particular port and stop at a different one entirely.  This is all in the best interests of everyone on board.
  • If you are supposed to disembark at the port affected by bad weather, you could very well spend an extra day or two on the ship.  This is because it is far safer out at sea in the event of a hurricane, cyclone, typhoon or other strong storm system.
  • Cruise lines always do their best to stick to the initial itinerary.  In some cases, should a particular port be skipped, other additional activities will be added in its place.
  • Cruises are hardly cancelled due to poor weather.  The only time that this may occur is if there is danger at the departure site itself.
  • On occasion, the cruise may depart early or later than expected.  Monitor the cruise’s website during the week before the scheduled date of departure.
  • Remember that cruise lines are fully within their rights to change course or duration of the cruise.  Changes like these are not made lightly and there is no point in making any noise about it.  Of course, prior to making your reservation, you should read their cancellation policy.  Make sure that you understand your rights in terms of refunds and so on.

Cruise Holiday search

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