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  • Dress code is very important to consider.  The cabin documents should detail the dress code for dinner and any other occasions.  If you are still unsure exactly how to adhere to the dress code, check with the maitre’d for further assistance.  Remember, if you do not adhere to the dress code for that particular location or event, you may not be allowed access.
  • Enjoying a romantic meal with your partner might seem like the ideal choice during your cruise holiday.  However, tables for two are usually placed in some of the most inconvenient and cramped locations.  Larger tables have far more space and they also allow you to meet all kinds of new people during your holiday.  This is great for personal interaction and, for the business minded people out there, it’s also a great way of doing some networking.
  • The ship’s daily newsletter is an essential tool both on board and on shore.  Keep it with you at all times as a reference for the ship’s events schedule and other important information. When you get off the ship to explore, keep the newsletter with you since it will contain contact details for the ship’s local port agent. Should you experience an emergency or delay in returning to the ship, you can contact them promptly.
  • Staying on board for one day or even half a day while the ship is in port can work to your advantage.  Facilities like the ship’s pools and decks will be far less crowded.  The spas and alternative restaurants on board also have some competitive prices while the ship is in port so take advantage of these discounts too.
  • Take a few minutes each day to pack away your worn clothes and keep all your clean, fresh items ready to wear.  That way, when everyone else is spending most of their last day packing, you can relax and enjoy your last few hours of luxury.

Cruise Holiday search

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