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Cruising in Summer: Sunny Adventures at Sea

Choosing a summer cruise will depend on where you are and where you want to go. In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer season lasts from June to August. In the Southern Hemisphere, cruising in summer is exactly the opposite and December to February make up the south’s summer. Whether you wish to make the most of the weather in your own part of the world or you would like to escape winter and travel somewhere sunny instead, you can do this in style cruising in summer. With features like swimming pools on board, tropical towns and beaches on the itinerary and no chores like cooking or cleaning, this is the perfect way to relax and enjoy every aspect of your holiday.

Summer Cruises – Up North

The Caribbean and the Mediterranean are both located in the northern hemisphere and they are extremely popular cruising grounds. They have a vast variety of fascinating port stops in a relatively small space. With such renowned locations like the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia and countless more all in the Caribbean and the beautiful cities and islands of Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Croatia and North Africa all find themselves in the Mediterranean, cruising in either of these areas will never disappoint. Another great cruise to enjoy in the summer is an Alaskan cruise. These are particularly suited for those who don’t do well with heat. The milder weather and the amazing scenery make for memorable and comfortable journey.

Cruising Down South

The South Pacific is the most popular cruising ground for journeys in the southern hemisphere. It also gives passengers the opportunity to experience both summer and winter all in one! For those departing from New Zealand or Australia, there are some great quick getaway options with various island nations just one or two sea days away. The favourable weather also makes it the best time to explore New Zealand, also known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. This is because the winter causes conditions to be less than pleasant for cruisers, of course. The most regular ships in this area are those of P&O.

Cruises to Antarctica are another great option. This really will prove unique and unlike any other cruise anywhere else in the world. These cruises only take place during the summer months due to the hostile and inhospitable nature of the continent during the winter months. It is also only accessible by specialised expedition ships like the Seabourn Quest and the Silver Explorer.

No matter what type of summer cruise deals you’re looking for, you can find heaps of them at Go 4 Cruise Holidays. With an easy to use search feature and great prices, you’ll be able to book your favourite summer cruise in no time!

Cruise Holiday search

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