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  • Holidays are never completely perfect and you are bound to encounter some kind of situation that may ordinarily cause you to lose your temper.  Refrain from doing so and stay calm.  Maintain a polite attitude and everything will be resolved in a timely manner.  Losing your cool is just embarrassing and the incident will follow you around the ship for the rest of your trip.
  • If, for whatever reason, your issue is not resolved while you are on board, feel free to follow up via email or letter once you return home.  If your claims are genuine, the cruise ship company will do everything in its power to take care of the problem promptly.
  • Ask the reception to print your bill out a day or two before your trip comes to an end.  That way, if you notice any charges that you wish to dispute or question, you won’t be stuck in a long queue on the final morning.
  • If you experience any issues with your credit card, kindly ask to use the phone at the reception to call the credit card company (rather than calling from your room).
  • Conduct a final check during your final night to ensure that all important documentation like your passport and other items like a change of clothing and medication are all in your personal luggage.  You will inevitably become separated from your main suitcase at some point and you wouldn’t want to leave something vital in there.

Cruise Holiday search

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