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One-Week Cruises: What Makes 7-Night Cruises So Special

One week is an excellent amount of time to spend on a cruise. Of course, longer would be better but not everyone has the kind of money or enough vacation time to allow for a long holiday. On the other hand, 7-night cruises provide enough time to visit a few ports, enjoy a few days relaxing at sea and let all the stress and pressures of your everyday life melt away.

Where can a 7-night cruise take me?

7-night cruises are quite easy to come by, particularly in popular cruising grounds such as the Caribbean, South Pacific and Mediterranean Sea. Since these areas have numerous ports all packed into a relatively small area, one week is more than enough time to visit a few destinations. At the same time, the ratio of sea days and port days is also nicely balanced. A 7-night cruise in the Caribbean will often being somewhere along Florida’s coast and will normally include stopping at 3 ports in the western, eastern or southern Caribbean. As for the Mediterranean, there are so many ports that 7-night cruises can offer up to 6 stops in a single trip. These kinds of trips are particularly great for those who are feeling energetic and adventurous with a keen desire to discover as many new places as possible.

South Pacific Highlights

The South Pacific is another great choice when it comes to 7-night cruises and P&O Australia specialises in just such cruises. They offer two 7-night cruises that depart from Brisbane on a regular basis. The Pacific Island Hopper takes passengers to the amazing islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia while the Great Barrier Discovery explores tropical Northern Queensland. For those feeling a bit more adventurous the boutique cruise line, Paul Gauguin, takes passengers to the phenomenal French Polynesia. This 7-night cruise leaves from Tahiti’s capital, Papeete.

No matter what type of week-long cruise you are looking for, you can find all the best options by using our advanced search feature on Go 4 Cruise Holidays. You will be able to narrow down your search according to the length of the cruise, the destination and even the cruise line or ship you prefer.

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