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Mediterranean Cruises from Rome, Italy

The seaport city of Civitavecchia, on Italy’s western coast in the Roman Province, is the main departure point for cruises from Rome.  While Rome is high on every travelers list, do plan to spend some time in Civitavecchia if you can, exploring the city’s quintessential Italian architecture and cuisine, visit museums, cathedrals, forts and the tombs of La Scaglia necropolis.  Next, decide which Mediterranean cruise from Rome you wish to embark upon.

Cruises to Greece and the Holy Lands

Expect any cruises from Rome to take at least seven nights. Cruising east, rounding the southern tip of Italy as it juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, explore the old world: ancient Greece and the Holy Lands.  On the way you will stop in the famous – or rather infamous – island of Sicily, home of the mafia families who inspired the Godfather books and movies. Continue to Greece and the port of Athens, then on to Turkey through the Grecian Islands. The cruise returns to Civitavecchia via Crete.

You may choose to spend 9 nights touring the coastline of Italy and the Adriatic Sea; visiting less explored central European countries along the way, arriving to unique Venice, the city built on the water. Stop off in Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. These regions are rich in the history of the new and old world, as they straddle the continent between Western Europe and Turkey, leading into the Middle East. When you get to Venice, you may choose to continue your holiday on water by taking or gondolas (water taxis) through the network of canals that crisscross the city or get your land legs back strolling the narrow, cobbled streets arm-in-arm.

West Mediterranean Cruises from Rome

Or perhaps you would like to go west on the Mediterranean towards modern Western Europe.  Explore the northern Italian city of Naples that is in itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest human settlements in Europe. These cruises will take you to several ports in the south of France and to the Catalan capital, Barcelona, in Spain. Return to Civitavecchia via the heart of the Renaissance, Florence. Cruises from Rome also put you on the doorstep of the Spanish islands, including Palma De Mallorca. 

Mediterranean cruises from Rome are sure to be sun soaked and a treat for food lovers, as the Mediterranean cuisine is filled with rich wines, cheeses, oils and fresh fare. The only things you have to do are step on board and relax!    

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