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World Cruises Starting in Southampton

World cruises starting in Southhampton

World Cruises Starting in Southampton: True Exploration at its Best

There are plenty of world cruises that depart from Southampton’s busy harbour. Most of these are ships belonging to traditional British lines such as P&O UK and Cunard. As a main cruising hub in England, world cruises by these lines and many more begin here.

World Cruises with P&O UK

P&O UK offers a variety of world cruises that depart from Southampton. While they vary in length, they all travel in more or less the same direction. The journey begins with a straight trip across the Atlantic and into the eastern Caribbean. They then travel through the Panama Canal to San Diego and then Los Angeles. As the cruise ship continues across the South Pacific, it will make more stops at various islands, New Zealand and Australia before visiting some top locations in Asia. From here, the cruise travels to the Middle East, through the Suez Canal and back to Southampton. As it travels through the Mediterranean, it will make even more memorable stops. While the longer itinerary includes a few more port stops than the shorter option, they both provide passengers with a memorable experience.

Cruising with Cunard

Cunard passengers enjoy a traditional and elegant cruise that will remind them of the time when ocean liners where the most glamorous form of travel. Cunard’s world cruises vary but they usually aren’t full circumnavigations. That said, they really are in depth itineraries that allow passengers to visit a great deal of fine destinations. These cruises take place over more than 100 nights and they stop at a number of exotic locations over a multiple continents. For those who enjoy learning, Cunard is an excellent choice. There are great speakers and lecturers onboard to help teach passengers all about each destination they visit. Other features of Cunard cruises that contribute to this line’s great success and reputation are the stewards serving tea in their pristine white gloves and the formal nights where everyone is properly dressed in tuxedos and elegant ball gowns. The traditional ballroom dancing, delicious pub lunches and even the smallest features on these cruises are what make them so special.

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Cruise Holiday search

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