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Celebrity Equinox Istanbul; cruises from Istanbul

Cruises from Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a fascinating city to visit where you can see incredible examples of ancient art and architecture, markets and bazaars, cheek by jowl with modern, hip and happening street culture. Cruises from Istanbul leave the perfect departure port for your exploration of the Black Sea, the Greek Islands or a romantic cruise from Istanbul to Venice!  The city is very strategically positioned between Europe and Asia with excellent air links to all parts of the world, making it an ideal departure port.

Cruise Lines offering Cruises from Istanbul

The main cruise lines offering cruises departing from Istanbul are Crystal Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.  The cruise season is quite short – running from about July to October – so it is advisable to book early to make sure you are not disappointed.

Cruises to Venice, Athens or Rome

Crystal Cruises offer three different cruises departing from Istanbul; the shortest of the three is a 7 night cruise from Istanbul to Athens, calling at four very interesting ports along the way, including Thessaloniki and the island of Skiathos.  For an itinerary concentrating on Turkey and Italy you could choose the 9 day “Empires of Art and Beauty” cruise from Istanbul to Rome.  As the name indicates, this cruise is for art and history buffs!  Another cruise option with Crystal Cruises is their 9 night “Ancient Treasures” cruise which takes you on a dream cruise from Istanbul to wonderful Venice.

Cruises to Greek Islands and Turkey

If your budget rules out a luxury cruise with Crystal, do not despair – Celebrity cruises offer 3 really great itineraries departing from Istanbul at a more modest price.  Choose their 12 night Greek Islands and Turkey cruise – a fabulous itinerary giving you an in-depth exploration of several ports in Turkey and the Greek Islands including Ephesus, Bodrum, Rhodes and Santorini before ending your cruise in Athens.  Another option continues all the way to Naples and Rome!   These cruises are ideal for travellers wanting to visit some of the worlds’ best preserved ancient sites and also have some time to soak up the sun and try out new cuisines.

Cruises from Istanbul to Black Sea

If you have always been fascinated by Russia’s neighbours, a cruise from Istanbul to the Black Sea is something to consider.  Celebrity Cruises will take you on a round-trip cruise to several ports in the Ukraine including Sevastopol and Odessa, as well as Burgas in Bulgaria, before cruising through the Bosphorus Strait, (which separates Europe and Asia) to Mykonos and Athens before returning to Istanbul.

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