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White Cliffs; cruises from Dover

Cruises from Dover

Dover is a major port for cruise ships and is often referred to as England’s gateway to Europe. It is most famous for its stunning white cliffs that seem to watch over everyone passing through the English Channel. Princess Cruises dominate these waters and offer cruises from Dover to various destinations around Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and even across the Atlantic.

Africa and the Middle East

For travellers who have plenty of time to travel and explore the wonders of Africa and the Middle East, then these itineraries are for you! Due to the number of stops along the way and the distance covered by these cruises, passengers will need to set aside approximately three months for travelling. It sure is worth it when you consider cruising all the way from Dover to Casablanca, Funchal, Dakar, Luanda, Walvis (Whale) Bay and South Africa’s Mother City of Cape Town before rounding the Cape and continuing on to Port Louis, the Seychelles, Dubai, travelling through the Suez Canal and completing your journey in beautiful, historic Rome!

The Canary Islands and the Mediterranean

For those looking for a truly paradise-like experience, look no further than the Canary Island or Mediterranean cruises from Dover. The Canary Island cruises takes passengers on cruises from Dover to Cape Town, South Africa with plenty of stops at such scenic location as Luderitz, Luando, Sao Tome, Tema and many more along the way!

Cruising the Mediterranean will include visits to some of the top ports in these warm waters. Some of the most famous being Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, Salerno, Sicily, Istanbul and Venice. This experience is unlike any other since travellers are able to visit such popular cities and experience several different cultures along the way.

Northern Europe

Northern Europe is filled with dozens of popular ports for cruise ships. Discover the coast of Scandinavia and Russia, experience the unparalleled beauty of Norway and Iceland or explore the superb sights all around the coast of Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

There are even trips that specifically focus on the amazing wonder of the Midnight Sun and many of the Northern Europe cruises are round trips.

Transatlantic cruises from Dover

For a truly diverse experience, passengers have the option of choosing an itinerary that includes several African destinations, stops in the Middle East, Europe and Transatlantic cruises across the Atlantic to the East Coast of the United States.

While these trips do take several weeks to complete, there are many great stops and sights to enjoy along the way including Casablanca, Walvis Bay, Cape Town, Durban, Port Louis, Dubai, the famous Suez Canal, Rome, Nice, Hamilton and Fort Lauderdale.

Cruise Holiday search

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