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Geiranger fjord, Norway; Cruises from Copenhagen
Geiranger fjord, Norway

Cruises from Copenhagen, Denmark

Cruises from Copenhagen depart an obsessive-compulsive’s dream city: clean streets, organized public transport, and neat rows of colored Lego-like houses, people on bicycles, and people on bicycles parking them in designated spaces. Denmark’s capital is an environmentalist’s green city, a locavore’s organic food mecca, and as headquarters of the ubiquitous brand Carlsberg, a beer lover’s beer garden.

No wonder cruisers by the boatloads either depart from Copenhagen or arrive at Copenhagen. Its predictable transport and superb tourist infrastructure make for a hassle-free departure, and phenomenal lagers make for a pleasant arrival.

Cruise from Copenhagen – Northern Lights & the Fjords

Copenhagen sits at the bottom of the Scandinavian Peninsula and is just the right distance from northern Russia, the Deutschland and the British Isles. On the map, it’s not even that far away from Iceland.

Because of this strategic location, cruises from Copenhagen typically head up north to the majestic fjords of Norway and call on Alesund, Geiranger, Flam, Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo before heading back down to Denmark. Cruisers may even opt to go farther north to Tromso, Leknes, Honningsvag and Murmansk before cruising down the coast. If a cruise from Copenhagen is timed right, between September and April, a trip up a few hundred kilometers south of the Arctic circle rewards the determined traveler with phenomenal sightings of the elusive aurora borealis.

Copenhagen Cruises for Culture, History and Architecture

For a step back in time, a crash course in architecture, and a quick look at the future of communications technology, a Baltic Sea cruise from Copenhagen to the medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia should be in order. From here, it’s on to St. Petersburg in Russia for a look at splendid cityscape that fuses Baroque, neoclassical, constructivist and Stalinist architecture. Helsinki, Nokia’s headquarters, is just 50 miles north of Tallinn across the Gulf of Finland, and often the stop after a jaunt to the five-star-port of Germany’s Kiel in the Baltic Sea.

Wide-angle cruises from Copenhagen deviate from the Baltic and Scandinavian routes and instead jump to the British Isles straight from Denmark’s capital. If you have been keenly intrigued by the Loch Ness monster, you may want to join a cruise that calls on Inverness. The chance of seeing it is zero, but the opportunity to revel in the rugged charm of the Scottish highlands will always present itself.

The ship moves on to Glasgow, cruise onto Dublin and Cork in Ireland, and make its way back to Copenhagen by way of the English Channel after making a call at Dover.

Trans-Atlantic Cruises from Copenhagen

Grand cruises from Copenhagen even go as far as trans-Atlantic, arriving at the other side of the world after 16 or 28 nights, and stopping at so many major ports along the way that you get to see parts of Scandinavia, a lot of the Baltics, a sprinkling of the British isles, the lone volcanic island of Iceland, and a thin slice of Greenland before arriving in New York. If you have been meaning to go on a trans-Atlantic voyage but don’t want to fly, then cruises from Copenhagen may just be the trip to start you on a world tour.

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