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Santorini; cruises from Athens Greece

Cruises from Athens Greece

The city of Athens is central in the stories of the Ancient Greeks, the people who made many of the advancements that shaped our civilization today.  Visit such iconic sights as the Parthenon, Acropolis and Agora, or market.  Climb to overlook the ocean from the Temple of Poseidon.  Then make your way to the port for your choice of cruises from Athens onto the Aegean Sea.  From here you are poised to explore the Holy Land and Mediterranean.

Cruises from Athens Greece to the Greek Isles

Leaving Athens, visit one of the most important religious centers of Ancient Greece at Olympia, where stands the Temple of Zeus and the origins of the Olympic Games.  To this day, the Olympic Flame is lit there and carried to its final destination. Enjoy the scents and tastes of the olive trees and citrus groves of Corfu as you round into the Aegean Sea towards your point of disembarkation, the sublime Venice. 

See if you can solve the mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis at Santorini, and soak in one of the most beautiful Greek Isles, Rhodes.  The island of Crete has its own unique culture, music and language.  Make a round trip Athens cruise with excursions to Mount Pelion on Volvos, summer retreat of the Gods, and the breathtaking Mykonos.  Many Greek Isles cruises disembark in Italy, in cities such as Venice, Rome and Naples.

Mediterranean Cruises from Athens Greece

The balmy Mediterranean coastline is comprised of many countries in the Holy Land, the southern parts of Europe and the northern African continent.  A Mediterranean cruise from Athens can encompass Istanbul (Turkey), a selection of the highlights of the Greek Islands, Italy and such well-known European cities as Monte Carlo and Toulon (France), Florence (Italy), and Barcelona (Spain). 

Cruise from Athens to the Holy Lands

Israel, Egypt and Turkey sit on the Mediterranean.  Your cruise departing Athens will drift eastwards toward the Turkish coast, with an excursion in the unique city of Istanbul, straddling the east and the western worlds on either bank of its Bosphorus River.  Kusadasi, a resort town, lies in the Turkish province of Izmir.  Israel has many sites of interest and intrigue as you explore Jerusalem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ and the Christianity, and Nazareth, his home. 

Continuing towards Egypt, you will drop anchor at Port Said to experience the pyramids at Giza.  The port and city of Alexandria, once a small fishing village that was named the capital of his new empire by Alexander the Great.  Return to Athens at the end of your cruise and disembark in a truly different state of mind.

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