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Baltic Princess Helsinki; cruises from Stockholm

Baltic Cruises from Stockholm to Helsinki & St Petersburg

If you are looking for something a little different in your next cruise, you should be considering cruises from Stockholm.  Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden, is a very beautiful and refined city in Northern Europe, built on 14 islands, linked by no less than 57 bridges.  As you can imagine, cruising out of the port of Stockholm is breathtakingly beautiful, and a very fitting start to your cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki and other Baltic ports.  If you are interested in seeing a little glimpse of Russia, you can cruise from Stockholm to St. Peterburg, the Venice of the North.

Cruise Lines offering cruises from Stockholm

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Crystal Cruises offer a choice of Baltic cruises from Stockholm.  They have fairly similar itineraries, and your choice will depend mainly on how much you can afford to spend on your cruise and whether you have 7 or 10 nights available.  Royal Caribbean are a lot more affordable, but Crystal Cruises offer total pampered all-suite luxury and are fully inclusive of all drinks, so you need to bear that in mind when making your decision.

Cruises from Stockholm to Helsinki and St. Petersburg

If you only have 7 days to cruise, take advantage of Royal Caribbean’s 7 night round-trip cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallin and Riga.  On this cruise you will be in marvellous St Peterburg for 2 days – you need it to see the city and all her treasures and have a chance to visit the opera or go to the ballet.  You will also have a day in each of the other ports, and one day at sea to enjoy all the amenities on your ship.

Royal Caribbean also have 10 night cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallin, Visby, Berlin and then Copenhagen.  On this one you have 3 days in St Peterburg, giving you the opportunity to visit Moscow as well, if you wish.  You also have a full day and night docked in Copenhagen before you have to disembark.   Crystal cruises gives you the opportunity to follow the same route, for those who prefer the extra little luxuries.

Crystal cruises also have a 10 night Stockholm cruise to St Petersburg that ends in London.

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