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Norwegian Breakaway leaving New York City; Cruises from New York

Cruises from New York

There really is nothing like the busy city of New York! This really is the city where the world seems to come together and, while you may be in the United States, it’s not unusual to hear people around you speaking all sorts of languages. It is said that the best way to spot a tourist in New York is to look for anyone staring up. The skyscrapers are beyond impressive and, as you roam around the streets, they seem to be watching over the city’s visitors and residents. If you are in a hurry and you don’t have too much time to explore New York before your New York cruises depart, you can get around to the main sights by using the hop-on hop-off bus. If you start your tour in the morning, you will have more than enough time to see it all in a day.

World and Transatlantic New York Cruises

World cruises originating in New York are operated by Cunard and passengers travel on board the luxurious Queen Mary 2. Given the nature of this cruise, passengers need to be prepared to set aside almost two months for travelling.

Some of the popular port along these world cruise itineraries include Fort Lauderdale, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Horn, Easter Island, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney.

Trans Atlantic Cruises that depart from New York are offered by Princess Cruises and Cunard. Passengers will need to set aside at least a week and a half in order to make the journey across the sea and return home from the destination port. These cruises involve many sea days without too many stops but, what they may lack in port stops, they more than make up for in onboard entertainment and ocean views! Just imagine standing out on the deck with nothing but bright blue skies above and deep seas all around. The fresh air rushes up from the water to greet you and there is nothing more relaxing and refreshing.

Depending on the cruise line and ship you choose, some itineraries include stops in Cork or Halifax while others head straight for Southampton. There are also cruises that continue on to Hamburg after making a stop in Southampton. If you have extra time to spare, you may enjoy a Trans Atlantic adventure that takes a slight detour via Iceland and stops in such scenic locations as Reykjavik and Akureyri before heading for the Orkney Islands of Scotland and then on to final destination port in Dover, England.

There are even some Trans Atlantic cruises that first make their way south to St. Kitts and St. Lucia before returning to New York and then continuing to Southampton. Of course, this would be a longer itinerary so you would need to plan accordingly.

New England and Canada

If you fancy a short trip along the coast of North America, then a New England and Canada Cruise itinerary that includes various New England states and/or Canada would be ideal. It’s amazing how the coastal landscapes can vary from New York all the way to Charlottetown and beyond.

Cunard, Holland America and Princess Cruises dominate these waters and offer various one way and round trip options. Canadian itineraries that depart from New York will often stop in Boston, Sydney and Quebec City. Shorter trips will make their way to Halifax and back with perhaps just one stop in Boston along the way.

Longer itineraries will include more stops in such cities as Newport, Portland, Saint John and Charlottetown. The itinerary you choose will depend on the amount of time you have for travelling, your budget and personal preferences of course. One thing you can be sure of is that New England hospitality is second to none and the locals have a way of making everyone feel right at home.

Caribbean Cruises

For something a bit more exotic and the chance to explore warmer waters, Cunard and Princess Cruises treat their passengers to unforgettable Caribbean adventures. Depending on which Caribbean Cruise itinerary you choose, some of the stops will include St. Thomas, St Lucia, Tortola and Fort Lauderdale. Just close your eyes, take in the sea air and sip on your favourite drink as you soak up the warm rays of the sun!

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