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Port of Los Angeles; cruises from Los Angeles

Cruises from Los Angeles, California

Sitting on the western coastline of North America in sunny California, cruises from Los Angeles can access the modern cities of America, the laid-back Caribbean, cross the Pacific Ocean to the South Pacific Islands, and as far as Australia and the mystery of the Far East, not forgetting Europe.

American & Caribbean Cruises from Los Angeles

In as short as a long-weekend break, visit the “Cinderella of the Pacific” with a three night getaway to Ensenada, Mexico.  Sample more of the west coast in a longer cruise stopping off at San Francisco, San Diego and Santa Barbara, not to mention the beautiful island of Catalina.  A Panama Canal Cruise takes you to such Central American destinations as Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Columbia, before sailing into the Caribbean Sea.  These cruises most often disembark in Florida, USA.

A thirty-two night cruise from Los Angeles southwards brings you along the western coast of South America and rounding Cape Horn, the southernmost point of Argentina and a gateway port to the Antarctic.  Experience the flavor, passion and palm trees of Latin America as you visit Chile, Argentina and disembark in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

South Pacific Cruises from Los Angeles

Los Angeles cruises are perfectly poised to set out into the Pacific Ocean.  Embark on a two-week cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.  This volcanic chain of islands, miles from anywhere, hosts a unique eco system thanks to its volcanoes, range of altitudes, sprawling rainforests and sandy beaches.  You can make a round trip from Los Angeles, taking in Hawaii and other South Pacific gems such as Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa and French Polynesia, or a one-way route arriving to the breathtaking Sydney Harbour in Australia.  Cruise into the harbor flanked by the Sydney Opera House on one side and the Harbour Bridge on the other.  Don’t forget to book a tour and scale the Bridges highest beams!

Grand Exotic Cruises Departing Los Angeles

Choosing this ninety-one-night expedition takes you on a route less traveled.  Set off across the Pacific, stopping at tropical island destinations Hawaii and Guam – bordered by the Marianas Trench, the deepest point in the ocean – onwards to Okinawa Island, as you enter the territory of Japan.  Your cruise will continue to major Japanese cities of Osaka, Nagasaki and Tokyo, then onwards again to China.  Continue along the Asian coastline to Hong Kong, rounding Vietnam and Cambodia.  Visit the thriving modern capital of Thailand, Bangkok, before veering southwards to Indonesia and Mauritius. 

Spend several nights at sea crossing the Indian Ocean arriving on the African Continent at Durban.  Round the tip of South Africa and explore the countries along the western coast, including Ghana, Morocco and Senegal.  Before arriving to your final destination port of Southampton in London, United Kingdom, you will make a call to Lisbon, Portugal.  Spend a couple of days in the vibrant city of London, visiting top attractions including the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Big Ben and Westminster.

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