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Cruises from Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sits on the Atlantic coast of the USA. Cruises from Fort Lauderdale are the gateway to exploring the Caribbean Islands.  Thanks to its network of canals, the city has been dubbed the “Venice of America.”  You can explore these canals on the Intercostal Waterway.  Get your sea legs by commuting in a water taxi and alligator spotting on an airboat tour of the Florida Everglades subtropical wetlands.  Get into the habit of relaxing along six miles of pristine tropical beaches before relocating to your cruise ship cabin.

Caribbean Cruises

Step aboard your luxury cruise ship departing from Ft Lauderdale and set sail for the balmy Caribbean Ocean.  A seven-night Western Caribbean Cruise affords as much scenic cruising past blue waters and tropical islands, as excursions to explore historic and scenic highlights.  Falmouth, Jamaica, is like a step back in time to streets lined with wooden buildings, tavern keepers and craft-makers working with their hands.  Cozumel, Mexico, remains a port of gold and silver, first discovered by the Conquistadors.  The coastline also boasts some of the finest reef snorkeling in the world.

Island Princess in Aruba, cruises from fort lauderdale, florida
Island Princess in Aruba,

Cruises departing Fort Lauderdale explore the Eastern Caribbean in seven nights.  Stop off in The Bahamas, Virgin Islands and experience the distinctly Dutch atmosphere of Saint Maartin.  A Southern Caribbean adventure cruise from Ft Lauderdale takes you through Aruba and Curaco, islands off the coast of South America.  The “Island of Spice”, Grenada, has a long and colourful history in producing and exporting nutmeg.  Take in Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands before returning to disembark at Ft Lauderdale.

Cruises to Panama Canal

Fort Lauderdale cruises also afford easy access to the Panama Canal, sitting on the far side of the Caribbean.  This Fort Lauderdale cruise spends several days sailing through the balmy ocean breezes to South America.  A highlight excursion is to Cartagena, Columbia, exploring the forts, which defended the city from pirates for hundreds of years.

The Panama Canal was started by the French and completed by USA in 1914.  It revolutionized ocean trade and travel, providing a crossing point between the North and South Americas, meaning that ships did not have to round Cape Horn, thus cutting about 7,000 miles off the trip.  Swinging northwards, visit the Cayman Islands before disembarking at Fort Lauderdale.  Continue your sun soaked holiday over land as you explore the cities of Florida, such as Miami and Orlando, home of Disney World.

To cruise the Panama Canal itself, choose a Westbound Panama Canal Cruise from Fort Lauderdale, which sails through the Caribbean and along the rainforest-lined Canal, for a day of scenic cruising and wildlife spotting.  Make excursions on Costa Rica and Mexico’s Pacific coast, continuing to city destinations in the USA, such as San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Alternately, when you exit the Panama Canal, instead turn south to taste the Latin American flavor of quaint towns and vibrant cities along the Pacific South American Coast.

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