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Explorer of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) at Boston Cruise Terminal, cruises from boston
Explorer of the Seas at Boston Cruise terminal

Cruises from Boston

Boston is the capital and largest city in the State of Massachusetts. As you roam through the streets, you are bound to meet all sorts of interesting people and the locals are known for their friendly and accommodating way. Royal Caribbean and Holland America both offer cruises departing from Boston and each of these cruise lines has their very own special itineraries to attract cruisers!

New England and Canada

Holland America and Royal Caribbean both offer cruises from Boston that explore the east coast of Canada and New England. While some itineraries are one way, others are round trips. Choosing between these different itineraries will depend on how much time you have to travel as well as how you intend on returning home.

Some of the top stops along these itineraries include Portland, Halifax, Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Montreal and Quebec City. Obviously, not all itineraries include all of these stops and passengers need to select a cruise that best suits their preferences and interests.

Trans Atlantic

Holland America boasts two cruises from Boston that take passengers across the great waters of the Atlantic. For those with limited time and only just over a week to travel, there are lovely round trip cruises from Boston to Hamilton, Bermuda. Enjoy some sea days, the island life and more time enjoying the ocean air on your way back.

Alternatively, for those who are looking for a longer adventure all the way from coast to coast and back again, you will need just over a month to travel from Boston to Rotterdam and back again. These cruises take passengers north to Halifax, Sydney, Nanortalik, Reykjavik, Dublin, Belfast, St. John’s and back to Boston. When you travel along the coast of Iceland, let your mind drift back to the time when Vikings roamed these waters and enjoy the historic attractions that can be found at the Douglas, Isle of Man harbour and many other spots along the way.

Caribbean cruises

Royal Caribbean offers cruises from Boston, to the Caribbean and then on to Florida. These itineraries give cruisers the opportunity to visit two fantastic American States, namely Massachusetts and Florida as well as several islands along the way. St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Barbados, Aruba and Curacao are all on the itinerary and this is certainly worth getting excited about!

Discover the rich Dutch influence in Aruba and Curacao when stopping in Oranjestad and Willemstad while Barbados has a stronger British influence. Upon arriving in Tampa, Florida, don’t be in too much of a hurry to return home. Take some time to soak up the sun, enjoy the beautiful beaches and have one last cocktail before you conclude your luxurious holiday.

Cruise Holiday search

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