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Ocean Princess; cruises from Singapore

Cruises from Singapore

Singapore came to power as an island state from a humble fishing port, where ships dock to rest as they travel from east to west and vice versa. Today, it stands proud as the gateway to Asia catering not only to business, but mostly to tourists as well. Because of the many cultures living here in harmony such as Indian, Arab, Muslims and Chinese, a visit here is a preview to what Asia has to offer. However, cruises from Singapore open more doors traveling to the heart of Asia and beyond.

When you plan a cruise starting from Singapore, You really have so many Singapore cruise options. There are cruises from Singapore to Malaysia and Southeast Asia; from Southeast Asia to Australia; and an extensive tour of Southeast Asia, going to Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. There are even routes that go beyond Asia. All these destinations can be reached by choosing among the many Singapore cruise packages available.

Singapore Cruises from East to West

From Singapore, cruise ships travel north to the coast of Bangkok, Vietnam up to Hong Kong. Several cities of Thailand and Vietnam are to be visited in an itinerary of MS Volendam while the Mariner of the Seas will bring you to as north as Xiamen and Shanghai. A visit to Taipei and cities of Japan can also be included in your itinerary while an alternative route north would pass through Malaysia, Brunei and Manila before going to Hong Kong.

A long cruise from Singapore travels to most places north, exploring Brunei, Manila, Puerto Princesa and Hong Kong among others. Several cruise ships traveling to West Asia from Singapore will dock at Indonesia, Thailand and Colombo before arriving at Mumbai, India. If you want an itinerary beyond Mumbai, the Arcadia extends your journey to Oman and then to the rich city of Dubai. Another route of the Arcadia brings you beyond Dubai in a month long cruise to Egypt, Lisbon and finally to Southampton.

Cruises from Singapore to Australia

Apart from touring Asian countries, there are cruises from Singapore to Australia, dropping by Indonesia, Vietnam, or Bangkok on the way depending on your chosen itinerary. You can choose between Singapore Cruises to Sydney in the South Pacific; or alternatively Singapore Cruises to Fremantle on the west coast of Australia cruising through the Indian Ocean.

You can opt to extend your cruise to go to different places in New Zealand like Timaru, Wellington and finally arriving at Auckland. The Ocean Princess offers an even more extensive tour in a month-long cruise where an epic journey awaits you when you board in Singapore. Known as the Pearl of the Pacific, Ocean Princess takes you to Asian countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

From Indonesia, you can either explore cities of Australia or extend beyond to visit New Zealand and then to charming and more tropical destinations in Oceania like Tonga, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Polynesia and Tahiti.

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